Want to know more about the type of photography we offer? Our workflow? The answers to these questions and more can be found below in our FAQ section.  If you can’t find the answers to any question here, please just get in touch via our contact form or by email here

What information do I need to provide on initial contact?

The short answer is as much information as possible.  However, as a guide a product description, image styles, total number of images and usage required is essential for us to provide an accurate quote.  Other information that may be applicable would be, what background is required, how the product needs to be positioned, any additional props required, size of image (particularly important if printing) and what you are hoping to achieve with the image.  Often people find it easiest to send us examples of images and styles that they like.  Finally it is helpful to tell us a little bit about your company and branding, particularly if you are looking for advertising images.


What type of images do you provide?

We specialise in studio based product photography, specifically packshot, creative advertising and still life images.  Our portfolio pages are a great way to see our range of work and to get a feel of our style of images.  Generally, we do not provide lifestyle type images unless they can be easily produced in a studio based environment.


What is a packshot?

A packshot is an image generally shot on a pure white background for the purpose of selling a product online.  These are the essential images that all e-commerce sellers will require and must show the product as accurately and clearly as possible.  Great packshots will increase sales and reduce the number of returns a company receives.  These images can be used on client’s own websites or other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy.  Examples of our packshot work can be found here.


Can I send my products to you in the post?

Yes, of course.  In fact most of our clients will post products unless they live in the Leicestershire area when delivery or collections can be arranged.  In this way we work for clients worldwide.


Can I be present at the shoot?

We base all quotes on the assumption that products are left with us so we can determine the shooting and editing schedule to meet agreed timescales.  Unless specifically agreed in the quote, client attendance during shooting or editing activities is not necessary or required.


Can you provide proof images?

Yes, of course.  With most new clients we provide proof images of a small selection of their products before we shoot the main images.  We only proceed to final images once a client is fully happy with the design and style of images.  For repeat clients we generally find that proof images are no longer required as we gain a full understanding of what is required.


Can you provide drop shadows & reflections for my packshot images?

Yes, of course.  We can usually provide drop shadows and/or reflections free of charge with all packshot images so please just ask if you would like these as part of your images.


I want to add text or logo to the images, is this possible?

If you would like to add other elements to an image please let us know and we can provide the images with a clipping path.  This means the product will be cut out from its background, leaving you free to place the image on a background of your choice with additional elements such as text or logo.


Can I have copyright of the images?

Copyright for all images remains the property of Ian Knaggs Photography, as is standard practice for all Professional photographers.  A usage for all images is agreed upon within the quote and then issued on license to you.


Will my images be ‘hi-res’?

There is no standard definition of ‘hi-res’.  The size of the images we provide will be suitable for the usage and will be specified in all quotations.  It is important to remember that very large image sizes will slow down websites and therefore adversely effect google ratings.  Equally larger images will be provided if large scale printing is required.


How long will it take to receive my images?

For most projects we work on a maximum of one week for proof images and then two weeks from client approval of the proofs for delivery of final images.  However, timescales can vary depending on the number and type of images required, and our workload at any one time.  Please let us know if you are working to a tight deadline and we will endeavour to get images to you quicker.


How will I receive my images?

We send all images via the digital download service We Transfer.


How & when do I pay for my images?

We will send an invoice at the same time as the final images to be settled via bank transfer.