Our Still Life Photography perfects the art of composition and lighting to create beautiful still life images.

Ian loves to get creative and produce stunning and original still life photography.  So if you need an original creative image that will launch a product or advertising campaign we are here to help.  Splash photography, complex lighting and changes of angles can all help your products photographs stand out from the crowd.

Whilst we love a free-reign to create whatever images we like we understand that it’s important to bring your vision to life.  Therefore, as part of the discussion process prior to starting working on these type of images, we require a detailed brief to allow us to create images in line with your vision and brand.  Working together is an important part of the process though and by providing as much input as possible we can create and deliver images that suit your needs and show off your products to their very best.  As well as using photographic techniques to create your images, we can also incorporate CGI elements.

Due to the bespoke nature of still life images and the fact that each image is individually crafted we can only provide a definite quote once the content of the image has been defined.  Get in touch via the contact page and we can discuss your requirements and provide more information.

Our Product Photography may also suit your needs.  As a qualified Craftsman we specialise in several closely linked photography disciplines.  So, take a look at the product images and see what best suits your businesses needs.