In today’s culture of online retail, high quality packshots on a pure white background are vital.  They allow customers to clearly see what they are purchasing before they buy.  Ian specialises in crisp, clear and stylish packshot photography that will make sure your products stand out from your competitors.  High quality packshot images lead to higher sales conversion rates and fewer product returns.

Great packshot photography shows your product ‘floating’ and is taken against a pure white background.  A white background is generally preferred for e-commerce sites and sales brochures as it avoids any distractions from the product.  For a similar reason, we don’t use dramatic lighting like our creative product photography but a flat, even light to highlight the product and capture all the details.

Optional Extras

Clipping path: The subject is ‘cut-out’ from the background and placed over text, other images or backgrounds.   Your images can be supplied as either a .jpg with clipping path or as a .png file with a transparent background.

Coloured or textured backgrounds are used to create the right atmosphere and image for your product.  For example a background can be used to empathise your branding and logo.

Drop shadows or reflections are added to highlight the product from the background.  This adds extra depth and realism to the image.

To create a 3D effect for clothing products a ghost mannequin is used.  Bringing your items to life and helping them to stand out!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here then take a look at our specialist creative product photography and still life photography that are ideal for advertising campaigns, promotions etc…