The Power To Change Our World

The world is a very large place. The human population that live upon its surface are so small in comparison to their environment.  However, it is becoming more and more obvious that these small creatures make a significant difference to the climate and environment around them.  The natural order has been in place for millions of years and is astoundingly self-regulating… but things are changing.  Our everyday lives are full of decisions that maybe causing irreparable damage to the planet that we live upon.

So, as photographers, we should ask ourselves; how can we do anything at all about the changes that are happening around that are damaging the environment? What positive impact can we have to change awareness and make things better? Some may say that we can do very little, however, I believe differently.

As photographers, we have a great power to bring awareness in a way that is easily and quickly understood. We can create striking images that make people think about how we are living and highlight the effects of our actions.

In the days of endless, daily social media feeds the average human is exposed to around 5,000 images a day. With this comes a fantastic opportunity to promote issues that can be seen by millions.  If there’s a message to be said, then eye-catching, visually stimulating imagery is an amazing way to grab the viewers’ attention and make people stop and think about what they are seeing.


This image is a great example of how a quirky theme can grab the viewers’ attention in a relatable way whilst simultaneously raising awareness. Whilst slightly surreal, the fact remains that the trees literally allow the earth to breathe. The damage to these lungs is obviously human-made and the fact that it is directly relatable to human anatomy reinforces the link between humans and the planet and environment.

There are numerous literary references from religious texts right through to Marvel comics that clearly state; with great power comes great responsibility.  Let’s make the most of the opportunities we have and responsibly harness our power to deliver strong visual messages that can raise awareness and make a difference.

This article can be viewed in the January/February 2022 Cameracraft magazine, which is produced in association with The Guild of Photographers.