Watch Photography

From stylish clean packshot images to striking advertising images, watch photography is one of our specialities.  Precise and varied lighting techniques are used to highlight the details of each watch.  Followed by painstaking attention to detail in post production to ensure every watch image is crafted to create the right look for you brand.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how we shoot and retouch our watch photography, take a look at our YouTube channel. 

Due to the numerous rounded, reflective surfaces, watches are notoriously difficult to photograph well. Yes, it is possible to take ‘lifestyle’ images using basic camera equipment and even mobile phones. However, creating studio images is a specialized field and requires more specialized equipment but more importantly a deep understanding of how light behaves and how to control it. We love the technical challenge that watch photography provides and take great pride in creating images that show off the details and materials that are present in all watches.

Our aim is always to provide affordable, cost-effective images that offer excellent value without ever compromising on quality.

We believe in a transparent approach with our clients and therefore there are no hidden costs involved. Every image is colour corrected and retouched to a high standard before being electronically delivered to you in the format and size you require. All our prices are based on a sliding scale, the more products we shoot the less it costs per shot.


Please contact us via the contact page, email or 07948 989199 to discuss how we can meet your photographic requirements and we’ll be happy to help.